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Wooden pole dance podiums 
Pole Hive UltraGrip PLUS2

Pole Hive Gara Pro Plus2 UltraGrip
Suitable for professional use, workouts, performances, strength training
UltraGrip (rubber coating)
45 mm or 51 mm

made to measure, maximum 300 cm, divisible (2 pieces of 150 cm in length)


static + spinning with QuickSpin system


Multilayer black or white birch wood

with S or L feet

Pole Hive Podium Presentation


Pole Hive UltraGrip2 PLUS2 Freestanding Pole Dancing Poles are self-supporting stand-alone poles that allow you to practice pole dance and pole fitness without having to fix your dance pole to the ceiling. This means that you can use these freestanding pole dancing poles in venues that have very high or plasterboard ceilings, or even outdoors.


The Pole Hive Gara Pro Plus2 UltraGrip Podium is perfect for professional use, gyms, performers, artists and dancers thanks to its high performance. With a weight of approximately 50 kg and an assembly time of just 3 minutes, Pole Hive sets a new world record in the sector.

Without losing any of its fundamental characteristics of lightness and rapid assembly, the already exceptionally robust structure can be further stabilised for acrobatics, flagmen workshops or duets thanks to the Large base frame (adding only 4.8 kg in weight), or the stabilising ballast.

The Pole weighs approximately 12 kg, and is available in two matte colours, light grey and black, and in two diameters, 45 mm and 51 mm.

UltraGrip poles have a maximum length of 300 cm and can be divided into two sections of 150 cm each.

The upper section of the pole is cut to measure according to the indicated height of your ceiling and can be substituted with one of a different length in order to install the pole in different area thanks to the spare sections for free-standing poles.


The pole has a rubberised coating called UltraGrip, as it offers a significantly higher level of grip than any other pole.

The exceptional grip is also suitable for use with clothes and stage costumes, and guarantees excellent grip.

The production process guarantees incomparable duration and reliability for the UltraGrip compared to other sheathed poles. 

We specify that the UltraGrip2™ dance poles Ø45mm are designed to be used by only one person at a time.


The Pole Hive Gara Pro Plus2 Plus2 UltraGrip Podium is compatible with all poles for the Pole Hive Podium, allowing the pole to be changed according to your needs.

Freestanding pole dancing poles


The Pole Hive Gara Pro Plus2 UltraGrip is known and used world-wide, also thanks to the original QuickSpin system, the first system, designed by ThePole, that allows you to switch from spinning to static pole with just one click, even with your feet and in the midst of a performance, without the use of keys or other tools and with the utmost safety.

QuickSpin can also be locked into the spinning or static position.

 The use of high-quality materials renders the spin ultra-smooth.


With the extraordinary specifically designed accessories , you can transform the pole for your Pole Hive Gara Pro PLUS2 UltraGrip Podium into: 

LollipopHexagonal LollipopFlyingPoleWhirlpole (inclined and rotating pole) and attach silks for the Pole&Silk discipline.

Thanks to its characteristics and to the material used, the pole dance pole with ThePole podium guarantees utmost reliability and long-lasting performance.


Why renounce something when you can have everything with a ThePole Podium?


Freestanding pole dancing poles black top

The top in Black or White Birch

The top of the Pole Hive Gara Pro Plus2 UltraGrip Podium has a highly characteristic hexagonal shape, hence the name “hive”, it is 165 x 145 cm and is made in birch plywood, an elegant and high-quality material that guarantees rapid and easy assembly, elevated stability and an elegant and sophisticated look.

The birch top is available in two colours: black or white, it is more resistant than the Okoumé top, and is more rigid and long-lasting.

The wood guarantees a pleasant feel, both with bare feet and during movements on the ground, unlike other materials that seem cold and impractical. Although over time wooden surfaces can become scratched, unlike other materials they can be restored.

Thanks to its natural characteristics, wood can come in different colours and patterns that render the product unique.

Freestanding pole dancing poles ultragrip2 coating

UltraGrip2: Rubber Coating

Pole Hive UltraGrip2 PLUS2 freestanding pole dancing poles boast a considerably superior grip than any other dance pole can offer. Invincible when you use stage costumes or pole dance apparel, the UltraGrip2 freestanding pole dancing poles guarantee an extraordinary grip in any conditions.

The coating is available in either matte light grey or matte black, and for diameters of either 45 mm or 51 mm. (Due to its composition, the black pole may stain light-coloured clothing.)

It is highlighted that the 45 mm pole is designed for use by only one person.

The production process guarantees incomparable duration and reliability for the UltraGrip compared to other rubber-coated poles, which use sheaths.

The pole with UltraGrip2 coating stands out for its exclusive layering process applied directly to the metal, which prevents slipping.

Freestanding pole dancing poles ultragrip coating
Freestanding pole dancing poles easy to move

Easy to move...

The podium top (165 x 145 cm) can also be moved once assembled, also vertically, a characteristic useful both for storage and for positioning on stages and in theatres, where backstage space is limited.

The pole is fitted and removed in two moves, without the use of keys or other tools.

...Easy to assemble, light to transport

The Pole Hive Gara Pro Plus2 UltraGrip Podium has been studied to also be compatible with micro cars and air transportation, which is why it is made of only three fundamental parts:



with the S feet: weighs approximately 14 kg (H 80 cm x W 30 cm when closed). with the L feet: weighs approximately 19 kg (H 120 cm x W 30 cm when closed).


composed of 6 triangular wooden elements weighing approximately 20 kg (each triangle is 96 x 96 x 96 cm x H 7 cm).


interchangeable, weighing approximately 13 kg, divisible in two parts.

In order to facilitate transportation it is possible to purchase dedicated bags sold separately as accessories.


Assembly is quick, simple and intuitive, complete in just 3 steps:

  1. open the folding structure and tighten the safety screws
  2. position the wooden triangles and fix them in place with the dedicated ring nut
  3. insert the pole into the hole in the centre of the podium



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