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Removable OnlyOne QuickSpin LOW 45
Spinning Dance Pole

OnlyOne QuickSpin LOW 45 GeckoGrip Hydro
Suitable for pole dance pros and beginners, gym equipment, competitions
customized, max. 240 cm
45 mm

Static & Spinning with QuickSpin

pressure pole and/or with screws

Pressure Installation


The OnlyOne QuickSpin LOW 45 GeckoGrip pole dancing pole is a professional pole, suitable for equipping gyms, studios and halls, but also for those who want to train at home while maintaining the quality and safety of a professional pole.
It has been designed to be safe to use, easy to assemble and also attractive to look at.

The pole can be installed either with screws (on the floor and ceiling) or by pressure, according to requirements.
The exclusive pressure system allows the installation of the pole even by one person, and, thanks to the Safety Plate and Center Pad accessories, the pole can be installed and uninstalled faster and be even safer. The pressure Installation can be done by one person alone.

The OnlyOne QuickSpin LOW 45 GeckoGrip pole is fitted with the brand new QuickSpin Torx system, which is the first locking/unlocking system which allows the pole to be switched from static to spin and vice versa in a click, with a simple gesture, which can even be done with your feet, without the use of keys or other tools.

Already used by the best performers worldwide, the GeckoGrip coating guarantees the utmost reliability and long-lasting performance, thanks to its characteristics and the materials used; the disks and central joint are made in aeronautical aluminium.

Pole dancing poles


The OnlyOne QuickSpin LOW 40 GeckoGrip pole is cut to measure in accordance with the height of your ceiling and is suitable for ceiling heights of up to 240 cm.

The pole is made up of just two parts connected by a single joint, hence the name OnlyOne.
This characteristic provides numerous advantages from a structural point of view and means that little time is required for set-up.
While the lower part of the pole is 150 cm in length, the upper section is cut to measure in accordance with the height of your ceiling and can be replaced with a section of a different length, allowing the pole to be installed in different locations.
Click here: Replacement upper-section for the OnlyOne pole.
In the future, it will be possible to adapt this pole to ceilings of up to 378 cm in height.

Pole dancing poles geckogrip

GeckoGrip Lacquering

The OnlyOne QuickSpin LOW spinning dance pole is available in two colours: white and black with a special GeckoGrip lacquering. The manufacturing process consists in covering the specially prepared steel tubular elements with plastic molecules that grant this spinning dance pole extraordinary features.

NICKEL-FREE: being nickel-free, this spinning dance pole is recommended for all pole dance performers, as well as for gyms and fitness clubs to guarantee extreme safety to proper clients.
EXCEPTIONAL GRIP: thanks to a special micro-fusion formula, this spinning dance pole guarantees a truly exceptional grip that reduces the fatigue of the adductor muscles as well as hand and thumb tendons.
SAFE TO USE: should the GeckoGrip coating acquire small cuts or marks with time, it will never become dangerous to your skin, unlike the classic chrome coating, which can peel off and hurt you.
DOES NOT STAIN: this special coating has been studied in order to not stain hands, unlike other types of coating.

Presenting Torx: the new QuickSpin

After more than five years of extraordinary performance from the QuickSpin system, the first system in the world for switching between spinning / static poles even with just one foot, we have once again produced a first: QuickSpin Torx.

REDUCTION OF PARTS:Reduction of parts: this is the simplest fitting system in the world. The design of the new QuickSpin2 Torx has eliminated all additional components: the system is now composed of only two pieces.

ECO-SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: the new QuickSpin Torx is made of aerospace aluminium. A technologically advanced and 100%-recyclable alloy.

HI-TECH CONSTRUCTION: the new QuickSpin Torx is made entirely on CNC machines from a single block of aeronautical aluminium.

MAXIMUM RESISTANCE: Thanks to the increased contact areas, QuickSpin Torx can resist forces of more than 25 times those of the previous model.

ADAPTABILITY TO UNEVEN SURFACES: Thanks to the special connection profile, the system operates even with slight misalignments between bases.

BAR-RAISING QUALITY:   the functioning of the QuickSpin Torx is guaranteed for thousands of cycles, even if used under pressure, as it does not rely on springs or gears.

QUICKSPIN2 TORX: the first system in the world allowing you to change the modality of your pole without stopping, now even better.

Pole dancing poles advantages


The OnlyOne QuickSpin LOW 45 GeckoGrip spinning pole offers numerous advantages:

ADAPTABLE TO VARIOUS HEIGHTS by simply substituting the upper part of the pole.
COMPATIBLE with the Safety Plate and Centre Pad accessories, which render installation quicker and make the pole even safer to us.
GECKOGRIP COATING: nonallergic, does not wear out with use, does not flake even if scratched, does not cause cuts or become dangerous, and does not stain hands.
QUICKSPIN2 TORX SYSTEM allowing the pole to be switched from spinning to static with a click.
PRESSURE INSTALLATION: the pole can be installed and removed various times a day, in just a few seconds, even by one person alone, as installation takes place from below, and therefore no special tools or ladders are needed.
CAN ALSO BE INSTALLED IN THE PRESENCE OF: sloping ceilings (thanks to the 3D Head accessory), cement beams or wood beams of minimum 11 cm in width (thanks to the Safety Plate accessory), IPE 180 beams (thanks to the corresponding IPE180 beam attachment).
100% MADE IN ITALY, guaranteeing the use of top-quality materials.

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