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Pole Dance Equipment

Here you will find all the pole dance equipment designed and made by The Pole. Classic removable poles, freestanding poles and special components that will enhance and customize your pole dance experience. Discover all the products available in our catalogue and find a dance pole that best suits your needs. Our products are designed for both pros and beginners, as well as for all those who have just entered into the exciting world of Pole Dance.
Pole dance equipment Poles
Enter the world of ThePole Pole Dance Poles: professional, reliable, long-lasting and made to measure. Static only, or static and spinning with the revolutionary QuickSpin2™ Torx, available with various coatings and diameters, and compatible with innovative accessories.
Pole dance equipment Podium
Choose your favourite among the professional Pole Dance Podiums by ThePole: they are the lightest to transport, quick and easy to assemble, they can be fitted with both spinning and static poles, as well as poles with the QuickSpin™ system, are available in various colours and can be transformed thanks to the revolutionary accessories.
Pole dance equipment Tepee
Your performances will become boundless with the possibility of installing poles of up to 4.5 m in height in all locations, without the need to be anchored to ceilings or floors. Available in QuickSpin or Freestanding pole versions, or in the standard T-System version, the kit that allows you to transform your ThePole pole or podium.
Pole dance equipment components
Thanks to the accessories for poles and podiums, you can improve your experience with ThePole brand products, and find innovative solutions for all your needs, from gyms to private use. Find the accessory you need and get the most from your ThePole.

Pole Dance with innovative and top-quality equipment

Our 100% Made in Italy pole dance equipment is thoroughly tested at every stage of the production, which guarantees extreme attention to details, careful selection of only top-quality materials and quick customer service. 
Thanks to the advanced manufacturing technologies, we can provide you with custom-made products at mass-production prices.
Our pole dance equipment will provide you with numerous solutions, suitable for any use: from home pole dancing and pole fitness in a sport centre or a gym to pole dance performances in circuses and nightclubs.
Choose a product that best suits your needs and personalize it with the accessories you prefer.

We want to offer pole dancers 
everything they can possibly imagine.

Equipment to practice pole dance in safety, with products suited to their individual needs

ThePole is committed to offering its clients top-quality, reliable and safe products that are also designed for professional use. When designing their pole dance products, ThePole focuses above all on the needs of athletes, aiming to offer pole dance poles, podiums and accessories that are always innovative and that accompany polers constantly, from training to performance.

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