Choose the freestanding pole for pole dance that best suits your needs from a vast range of portable dance poles designed and made in Italy by The Pole. Every Pole Hive freestanding pole for pole dance and pole fitness is characterized by a light yet sturdy structure, is quick to assemble and easy to transport. With half the weight of a traditional freestanding pole, and a setup time of just three minutes, Pole Hive is the best in its category.

The exceptionally solid structure can be further stabilized for acrobatic use, flagmen workshop, or couple choreography, thanks to the stabilizing ballasts.




Elegance and high performance.


Every Pole Hive freestanding pole for pole dance is designed using only the best materials to ensure high-quality performance, security, and elegance of design. The covering is made of real, eco-friendly 15-mm exotic layered wood. The triangular sectors of the pole dance stage can be inserted in just a few seconds, without any additional tools.

It is also possible to equip the Pole Hive freestanding pole with the QuickSpin™ system that allows your dance pole to pass from static to spinning mode in just a few seconds and without any tools. For absolute stability, you can add to your Pole Hive™ freestanding pole special Stabilizing Supports to ensure safety even on irregular surfaces such as pavement, grass and gravel.

We also offer convenient carrying bags for your pole pole dance stage, which breaks up into six segments for further ease of transport and of the completely-foldable frame of the podium.


Pole Hive freestanding pole for pole dance is quick and easy to assemble: you can set up and dismantle your stand-alone pole in just a few simple steps. All you need to do is to:

  • position the spider base
  • assemble the six triangle segments one by one
  • insert the dance pole

and your freestanding pole for pole dance is ready to use!




The first pole dance stage with interchangeable dance poles: just one pole dance stage, all the possibilities.


The Pole Hive freestanding pole for pole dance gives you a unique possibility to change the type of your dance pole fulfilling all your choreographic or training needs.

In fact, the Pole Hive pole dance stage is compatible with different dance pole types:

  • dance pole with bright white or glossy-black GeckoGrip™ lacquering, ø 40 mm
  • dance pole with bright white or glossy-black GeckoGrip™ lacquering, ø 45 mm
  • dance pole with matt grey or matte black UltraGrip2™ rubber coating, ø 45 mm or 51 mm
  • dance pole made of thick and mirror-polished 100% stainless steel

The GeckoGrip™ lacquering is the most versatile solution that allows prolonged training thanks to optimal grip that guarantees less fatigue. Already successfully used during international Pole Dance competitions and available in two colours (MightyBlack and MelloWhite), the freestanding pole with the GeckoGrip™ lacquering is hypoallergenic and Nickel-Free. Particularly suitable for gyms thanks to its versatility, in its 45 mm diameter version, it is compatible with the TPS™ system. Also available in diameter 40 mm, especially recommended for children.

The stainless steel freestanding pole has a grip somewhere in between the traditional chrome-plated dance poles and those with the GeckoGrip™ lacquering. They are perfect for the performers preparing to shows and all those who frequently use the drop technique during their performances. This mirror-polished free stranding pole is beautiful to look at and safe to use. Since it is made entirely of certified stainless steel, there is no risk that the coating peels off becoming sharp and dangerous. Please be informed that unlike the GeckoGrip™ poles, the stainless steel freestanding pole, along with the chrome-plated dance poles, contains nickel. Therefore, we suggest you to check personal allergies before use.

The UltraGrip2™ freestanding pole commonly known as: rubberised pole, boasts a considerably superior grip than any other dance pole can offer. Invincible when you use stage costumes or pole dance apparel. This exceptional grip guarantees supreme adhesion even to fabrics. The UltraGrip2™ special manufacturing process guarantees the covering’s durability and reliability incomparable to other similar dance pole finishes.


All the dance poles compatible with our Pole Hive™ pole dance stage are made of two 140-cm long segments to make the transportation even more comfortable and easy. Moreover, they are equipped with an exclusive QuickSpin™ system – a special dual mode mechanism. By raising or lowering the ferrule, you can easily pass from static to spinning mode and vice versa, in just one second, without using any tools, also during choreography.

Why Choose The Pole?

Our dance poles are designed and tested by top professionals, with an entirely Italian-made production process that uses certified and eco-friendly materials.

All the components of The Pole dance poles are thoroughly tested at every stage of the production, 100% Italian, which guarantees extreme attention to details, careful selection of only high-quality materials and quick customer service. Thanks to the advanced manufacturing technologies, we can provide you with custom-made products at mass-production prices.

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