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Pole Hive Pole Dance Podium: the lightest and fastest.

The Pole Hive Podium is a professional podium that, thanks to a structure that is quick to assemble, stable, and light to transport, is ideal for all purposes: hall furnishing, theatres, television shows, performers and private use.
With half the weight (approximately 48-50 kg) of standard pole dance podiums and an assembly time of just three minutes, Pole Hive sets a new world record for the sector.
Choose the Pole Dance Podium most suited to your needs from those available in ThePole’s wide range.
Freestanding poles hive evo
Ideal for professional use, performances, performers, artists and dancers. Fitted with the original QuickSpin system, which allows the pole to be switched from static to spinning mode with a click, thus allowing it to be used in both modes even during a single performance.
Freestanding poles configurable
Born from the collaboration between ThePole and LG Lesmo the Pole Hive Podium will no longer be just a technical object, but also an absolute trend: to distinguish them the fabulous tops produced with carefully chosen woods and finishes to meet the highest aesthetic and quality requirements.

Without losing any of its fundamental characteristics of lightness and rapid assembly, the already exceptionally robust structure can be further stabilised for acrobatics, flagmen workshops or duets thanks to the Large base frame (adding only 4,8 kg in weight), or the stabilising ballast.

The Pole Hive Podium poles are interchangeable and all compatible, allowing you to change pole according to your needs.

The upper part of the free-standing pole can be substituted with one of a different length thanks to the spare sections, in order to be able to use the Podium in spaces of different heights.

Freestanding poles podium accessories
Discover all the tops to change the look of your Pole Hive Podium.
Freestanding poles podium accessories
Discover the accessories compatible with the Pole Hive Podium and the various kits available to transform your Podium.
Freestanding poles spare sections
To adapt the free-standing poles to spaces of different heights.

QuickSpin System

The pole dance podium with interchangeable pole: a single podium for all your requirements

With a Pole Hive Podium you change poles according to your preferences in just two moves. The Pole Hive Podium is in fact compatible with all the poles for Pole Hive Podiums and you can choose between different pole types and diameters:

  • Pole with GeckoGrip coating in glossy white or glossy black, diameter: 40 or 45 mm
  • Pole with UltraGrip coating (rube rpole) in matte grey or matte black, diameter: 45 or 51 mm
  • INOX pole (100% stainless steel) with elevated thickness and polished to a mirror finish, diameter: 45 mm

f you choose one of the Gara PRO models, the QuickSpin system will be incorporated, allowing you to have fun with the spinning and static modes, even during the same performance. It is also possible to lock QuickSpin in the spinning or static position.


Everything you need in a single product, for performers seeking to push their limits.


Freestanding poles

Elegance and high performance

Each Pole Hive pole dance podium is designed and produced using only the best materials, to guarantee high performance, safety, and a particular focus on elegance. The cover is in real parquet, made with exotic 15-mm plywood, treated with eco-friendly products. The triangular sections making up the cover connect in just a few seconds, without the need for any tools.


The top of the Pole Hive Podium is available in two different materials and colours:

  • Top in Okoumé available in natural or black-tinted wood. It is considered as the most water-resistant wood.
  • Top in Birch available in black or white. Heavier, sturdy and durable.
Wood is pleasant to the touch and, unlike other materials, it will give you the sensation of dancing in a dance hall with a parquet floor.


Freestanding poles

Easy to assemble and multifunctional

The Pole Hive pole dance podium is quick to assemble. The entire structure can be assembled or dismantled in just a few simple steps. Simply:

  • position the frame
  • fit the six triangular sections
  • insert the pole

and your podium is ready to use!


With its exceptional accessories, the Pole Hive pole dance podium can also be used as (always check compatibility):

Freestanding poles interchangeable

A stable system

For total stability and the possibility to safely work on uneven surfaces like cobbles, grass or gravel, or for acrobatics, flagmen workshops or duets, while maintaining lightness during transport, it is possible to add stabilising ballast, or choose the Large frame.


In order to improve transportation, practical bags are available for carrying the podium top, the central structure and the pole.

Freestanding poles interchangeable

Choose your own experience. 100% The Pole

The GeckoGrip lacquering is the most versatile solution that allows prolonged training thanks to optimal grip that guarantees less fatigue. Already successfully used during international Pole Dance competitions and available in two colours (MightyBlack and MelloWhite), the freestanding pole with the GeckoGrip lacquering is hypoallergenic and Nickel-Free. Particularly suitable for the fitting out of gyms, thanks to their versatile characteristics. Also available with a diameter of 40 mm, recommended for children.

The stainless steel freestanding pole has a grip somewhere in between the traditional chrome-plated dance poles and those with the GeckoGrip lacquering. They are perfect for the performers preparing to shows and all those who frequently use the drop technique during their performances. This mirror-polished free stranding pole is beautiful to look at and safe to use. Since it is made entirely of certified stainless steel, there is no risk that the coating peels off becoming sharp and dangerous. Please be informed that unlike the GeckoGrip poles, the stainless steel freestanding pole, along with the chrome-plated dance poles, contains nickel. Therefore, we suggest you to check personal allergies before use.

The UltraGrip2 freestanding pole commonly known as: rubberised pole, boasts a considerably superior grip than any other dance pole can offer. Invincible when you use stage costumes or pole dance apparel. This exceptional grip guarantees supreme adhesion even to fabrics. The UltraGrip2™ special manufacturing process guarantees the covering’s durability and reliability incomparable to other similar dance pole finishes.

Freestanding poles
You can choose a free-standing pole equipped with the exclusive QuickSpin mode selection system: just raise or lower the ring to switch from static to spinning pole and vice-versa in a click, without keys or tools, even during a performance.
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