Product’s Name: POLE HIVE™ ULTRAGRIP2™ PLUS2 | Product’s Type: Freestanding Pole Dancing Poles

professional use, performances, artists, dancers


Dance pole diameter: 45 mm or 51 mm

Height: customized, 300 cm (2x150 cm)

Application: Static & Spinning, adjustable speed

QuickSpin™ system: yes

Available finishes: matte grey or matte black with a special UltraGrip2™ coating

€ 1078,00 + VAT






Pole Hive™ UltraGrip2™ PLUS2 Freestanding Pole Dancing Poles are self-supporting stand-alone poles that allow you to practice pole dance and pole fitness without having to fix your dance pole to the ceiling. This means that you can use these freestanding pole dancing poles in venues that have very high or plasterboard ceilings, or even outdoors.

Recommended for professional use, the Pole Hive™ UltraGrip2™ PLUS2 freestanding pole dancing poles are perfect for performers, dancers and artists thanks to their exceptional grip that allows you to practice pole dance even when wearing stage costumes.

The portable pole for Pole Hive pole dance stage is custom-made and can reach up to 3 meters with just one joint applied. This feature makes the Pole Hive portable pole not only resistant but also easy to transport. The lower part is 150-cm long, whereas the upper part can be easily replaced with another segment of different length in order to adapt your freestanding pole dancing pole to different locations.

Please keep in mind that due to security reasons, the height of the dance poles must be at least 30 cm lower than the height of the room where the freestanding pole dancing poles are to be placed.

Available with diameters of either 45 mm or 51 mm, matte grey or matte black (due to its composition, the black colour may stain clothes)

We specify that the UltraGrip2™ dance poles Ø45mm are designed to be used by only one person at a time.

Pole Hive™ UltraGrip2™ PLUS2 freestanding pole dancing poles are recommended especially for professional pole dancers since they are equipped with a special QuickSpin™ lock/unlock system, which allows you to pass from static to spinning mode without using any keys or other tools, quickly and safely, even during choreography. The use of high-quality materials makes the rotary motion of this spinning dance pole extremely smooth and flowing.

Thanks to their extraordinary features and high-quality materials used, the Pole Hive™ UltraGrip2™ PLUS freestanding pole dancing poles guarantee supreme durability and reliability.

The Black Wooden Top


The top made of black wood ensures that the assembly of the components is extremely quick and easy, and gives high stability, as well as an elegant and desirable appearance.

The black wooden top is more durable, rigid and hard than the Okumè top and is more resistant to moisture.

Its composition means that the black wood is anti-glare, making it also ideal for theatre performances.

You can also customise the top with a personalised logo printed in white.

UltraGrip2™ Coating


Pole Hive™ UltraGrip2™ PLUS2 freestanding pole dancing poles boast a considerably superior grip than any other dance pole can offer. Invincible when you use stage costumes or pole dance apparel, the UltraGrip2™ freestanding pole dancing poles guarantee an extraordinary grip in any conditions.

In fact, this exceptional grip ensures supreme adhesion even to fabrics. The UltraGrip2™ special manufacturing process guarantees the coating’s durability and reliability incomparable to other similar dance pole finishes.

Easy to Manage


The structure of the Pole Hive™ UltraGrip2™ PLUS2 freestanding pole dancing poles has been designed to be easily transportable, even in your small city car or in a plane.

You can move the Pole Hive™ UltraGrip2™ PLUS2 pole dance stage even when it is assembled, also in a vertical position, which will certainly appear useful in narrow theatre backstage areas or when you will decide to deposit your freestanding dance pole in a storage.

The removable dance poles are quick and easy to insert and you will not need any keys or other special tools.

Easy to assemble, light to transport


The pole dance kit is composed of three basic parts:

  • a foldable base structure, weighing approx. 14 kg
  • the top of the pole dance stage composed of 6 triangular segments, weighing approx. 18 kg, easily transportable thanks to a special carrying bag
  • an interchangeable dance pole, weighing approx. 13 kg

The assembly of the freestanding pole dancing poles is quick and easy. It is enough to:

  • position the spider foldable base
  • assemble the six wooden triangle segments of the pole dance stage
  • insert the dance pole


The Pole Hive freestanding pole dancing poles are interchangeable!

In order to meet all our customers’ needs and expectations, the Pole Hive™ freestanding pole dancing poles are designed to be compatible with different interchangeable pole dance poles. Choose the removable dance pole that best suits your needs from our vast range of models, diameters and finishes, and replace it in just a few seconds! Customize your pole dance experience!



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