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a cross between a Chinese Pole and a Pole Dance pole

The TePee is a pole dance pole that can reach a maximum length of 450 cm without needing to be anchored to either the ceiling or the floor thanks to a system of cables called the TePee T-System.
The TePee is available as either a pole or podium, and comes with three coatings: GeckoGrip, Inox (stainless steel) and UltraGrip.
Outdoor pole dance tepee poles
The TePee Pole: up to 450 cm in length, composed of three pole sections. Fitted with the QuickSpin system. Designed for those looking for a portable pole dance pole.
Outdoor pole dance tepee podium
The TePee Podium: the pole is up to 450 cm in length and is composed of three pole sections. Fitted with the QuickSpin system. Designed for those looking for both a free-standing pole and a TePee Pole.
Outdoor pole dance tepee t-system
TePee T-System: allowing you to use your OnlyOne Pole without anchoring it to the ceiling, or to reduce oscillation in your Pole Hive Podium pole and increase its performance.

TePee: maximum usage space and visibility, even without a stage

Finally, a pole dance pole that can reach 450 cm in height without needing to be anchored to the ceiling!
The TePee guarantees visibility of the performance, even without a raised stage, and the front view is free from cables. With the innovative TePee T-System connector, you have more space available, even in the upper part of the pole, unlike classic Chinese poles.

All the experience of ThePole in this incredible product,
100% Made in Italy and available in all coatings.

TePee T-System

The TePee T-System is designed and produced by ThePole to allow you to connect cables and use a Pole Dance Pole of up to 450 cm in length without anchoring it to the ceiling. The TePee T-System is simply inserted into the upper tip of the pole and is made up of: a 1-metre bar with shackles for cable connection, a GRID tip, the Pole&Silk pin, four steel cables of 4 mm in diameter and 5 metres long, four ratchets and four carabiners.

It is possible to anchor the cables (complete with ratchets) to trees, fences, cement blocks of at least 200 kg in weight, and even car tyres. Recommended cable tension of maximum 200 kg per cable.

Unlike classic Chinese poles, the innovative T-System connection system allows for more space for movement on the upper part of the pole and leaves the forward line of sight free of cables.

The TePee T-System is also set-up for connecting the Pole&Silk Kit (to be purchased separately), allowing you to use aerial silks with the pole.

ATTENTION! The TePee T-System is compatible exclusively with ThePole poles.

Fitted with the QuickSpin system

The TePee is fitted with the original QuickSpin system, the first system, designed by ThePole, that allows you to switch from spinning to static pole with just one click, even with your feet and in the midst of a performance, without the use of keys or other tools and with the utmost safety.

QuickSpin can also be locked into the spin or static position.

The use of high-quality materials renders the spin ultra-smooth.

Personalise your 100% ThePole experience

The ThePole poles can be chosen with one of three different coatings according to preference and needs:

- The GeckoGrip lacquering is the most versatile solution that allows prolonged trainings thanks to the optimal grip that guarantees less fatigue. Already successfully used during international Pole Dance competitions and available in two colours (MightyBlack and MelloWhite), the pole dancing poles with the GeckoGrip™ lacquering are hypoallergenic and Nickel-Free.

- The stainless steel pole dancing poles have a grip somewhere in between the traditional chrome-plated dance poles and those with the GeckoGrip™ lacquering. They are perfect for the performers preparing to shows and all those who frequently use the drop technique during their performances. These mirror-polished pole dancing poles are beautiful to look at and safe to use. Since they are made entirely of certified stainless steel, there is no risk that the coating peels off becoming sharp and dangerous. Please be informed that unlike the GeckoGrip™ poles, the stainless steel pole dancing poles, along with the chrome-plated dance poles, contain nickel. Therefore, we suggest you to check personal allergies before use.

- The UltraGrip2™ pole dancing poles boast a considerably superior grip than any other dance pole can offer. Invincible when you use stage costumes or pole dance apparel. This exceptional grip guarantees supreme adhesion even to fabrics.

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