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Pole Dancing Equipment: discover all the accessories and special components to enhance your pole dance experience!

ThePole has developed these special components to adapt your dance pole to any conditions. Enhance your pole dance and pole fitness experience with the pole dancing equipment designed and created to improve the efficiency of your dance pole and provide you with a truly professional training. All our pole dancing equipment is 100% made in Italy, using only high-quality components and the best manufacturing techniques.
Pole dancing equipment 3d ball joint
To install your The Pole dance poles in venues with sloping or vaulted ceilings.
Pole dancing equipment pole cartridge
Floor inserts for removable dance poles to set up multifunctional indoor spaces, like rehearsal studios, gyms, fitness clubs etc. in a quick and effortless way.
Pole dancing equipment beam joint
For the installation of removable or fixed OnlyOne™ poles under IPE180 beams in complete safety and with the possibility to change room layout.
Pole dancing equipment truss plate

Discover the plate for attachment to trusses, which allows OnlyOne pole dance poles to be installed in complete safety.

Pole dancing equipment total pole system

Compatible with the OnlyOne dance poles, this pole dancing equipment will allow you to use comfortably all the supplementary components.

Pole dancing equipment tangram crash mat
The only Pole Dance mat on the market with CE - UNI EN 12503 branding. 16 cm thick with an anti-slip underside.
Pole dancing equipment accessories for freestanding dance pole
Everything you need to enhance and customize your pole dance experience.
Pole dancing equipment accessories for removable dance poles
Everything you need to enhance and customize your pole dance experience.
Pole dancing equipment spare section
Adapt your dance pole to new locations.
Pole dance equipment clothing
The new clothing line by The Pole, designed for those who practice pole dance.

Pole dance accessories for a 100% personalised experience

Thanks to all the accessories and special components available, you will be able to find the ones most suited to your needs. Studied to last over time, and produced with the best-quality materials, 100% Made in Italy, the accessories help you to get the best out of your experience. From spare sections for your pole, to the pole rack, and all the special components for installation, as well as clothing, without forgetting all the accessories for poles and podiums to discover and to try for a multifunctional experience.
Pole dance equipment

100% ThePole: high-quality pole dance accessories

Together with quality and assistance, personalisation is a key concept for ThePole. ThePole answers all the needs of both beginners and professionals, artists and gyms or schools, always guaranteeing the use of high-quality materials and the technology that sets the brand apart.
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