Compatible with the OnlyOne dance poles the Total Pole System for aerial fitness and pole dance is an ingenious piece of training equipment, which will allow you to use supplementary components and turn your dance pole into a real gym.


"Easy to fix and safe to use, the TPS offers new possibilities to practice pole dance and aerial fitness"

Quick and easy to install, the TPS allows you to fix supplementary components to your OnlyOne™ dance pole and practice aerial fitness. The assembly of this height-adjustable piece of fitness equipment is very simple, and there is no need for any keys or tools.


€ 201,00 + VAT


Total Pole System: an innovative solution for new aerial fitness techniques.


Thanks to the exclusive self-locking system, it is no longer necessary to adjust the elements while hooked, and it is possible to fix the equipment at the desired position. The pole’s QuickSpin™ system allows the spinning use of the TPS, which amplifies the possibilities of use and the number of exercises that can be performed.


Create a real gym with high quality aerial fitness equipment in very little space with our unique multifunctional system.

Why Choose The Pole?

Our dance poles are designed and tested by top professionals, with an entirely Italian-made production process that uses certified and eco-friendly materials.

All the components of The Pole dance poles are thoroughly tested at every stage of the production, 100% Italian, which guarantees extreme attention to details, careful selection of only high-quality materials and quick customer service. Thanks to the advanced manufacturing technologies, we can provide you with custom-made products at mass-production prices.

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