Attachment for installing Pole Dance Poles under IPE180 beams in complete safety either with pressure or screw mounting, with the advantage of being easy to move, allowing changes in room layout.

"For performance in complete safety"

This special attachment has been designed to enable Pole Dance poles to be installed under IPE180 beams. To install, simply tighten under the beam without drilling any holes, thanks to the special compatible attachment. The IPE180 beam attachment can be easily moved to change the room layout. OnlyOne™ pole dance poles can be installed to the attachment either with pressure or screw mountings (according to the pole). In the case of pressure mounting, the IPE 180 beam attachment is compatible with the Safety Plate.


The IPE180 beam attachment is compatible with all OnlyOne™ pole dance poles and is essential for installing Pole Dance poles under IPE180 beams. It allows poles to be easily installed with either pressure or screw mounting without causing structural damage to the beam.  With the IPE180 beam attachment, OnlyOne™ poles can be safely installed, allowing the room layout to be changed, unlike welded plates or other installation methods.


€ 164,00 tax incl.


IPE180 beam attachment, the pole dance accessory you have been looking for


The IPE180 beam attachment is made of aeronautical aluminium and has been designed for those who, due to very high ceilings or ceilings in plasterboard, are forced to install IPE180 beams in order to be able to equip a room with Pole Dance poles. Safe and easy to install, the IPE180 beam attachment allows rooms to be equipped with Pole Dance Poles, guaranteeing safety and easy installation without damaging the beam. A version with incorporated swivel motion is also available allowing attachment for products for aerial sport.



Why Choose The Pole?

Our dance poles are designed and tested by top professionals, with an entirely Italian-made production process that uses certified and eco-friendly materials.

All the components of The Pole dance poles are thoroughly tested at every stage of the production, 100% Italian, which guarantees extreme attention to details, careful selection of only high-quality materials and quick customer service. Thanks to the advanced manufacturing technologies, we can provide you with custom-made products at mass-production prices.

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