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Pole Dancing Accessories: customize your pole dance experience

Customize your removable dance pole with the accessories The Pole, designed and created to make your pole dance and pole fitness experience truly unique.
Pole Dancing Accessories safety plate

For quick and safe dance pole installation.

PRICE: stainless steel model € 26,23 + VAT; paintable iron model € 19,68 + VAT

COMPATIBLE WITH: all the OnlyOne dance poles.

HOW IT WORKS: the removable dance pole is inserted between the petals of the SafetyPlate™, which is fixed to the ceiling by screws or glue. The SafetyPlate™ makes it easier and quicker to place the pole and prevents lateral sliding of the upper dome, reducing considerably the risk that the pole will fall in case of a sudden decrease of friction.

HOW IT'S MADE: made of carbon steel, this plate needs to be fixed to the ceiling using glue or small screws. You can also paint it in order to integrate it perfectly in the room’s decor.

Pole dancing accessories spare sections

Adapt your dance OnlyOne pole to new locations.

PRICE: variable according to the OnlyOne Pole coating: from € 62,00 + VAT

COMPATIBLE WITH: all the OnlyOne dance poles.

HOW IT WORKS: designed to adapt removable dance poles, as well as freestanding poles to new locations and adjust the height of the pole’s upper segment.

HOW IT'S MADE: it is a made-to-measure pole section available with GeckoGrip (black or white) or UltraGrip coatings, or in 100% stainless steel (INOX), and has holes allowing it to be screwed to the lower section.

Pole dancing accessories tangram mat

Certified safety mat with CE - UNI EN 12503 branding

PRICE: from € 379,51 + VAT

COMPATIBLE WITH: all the removable dance poles and freestanding dance poles created by The Pole.

HOW IT WORKS: placed at the bottom of removable or freestanding dance poles, saves from accidental falls.

HOW IT'S MADE: the Tangram mattress is 16 cm thick (the thickest on the market), the only pole dance mattress on the market with CE - UNI EN 12503 branding, it is also suitable for the fitting out of gyms looking to offer certified products. It is supplied with a Velcro assembly system on the upper side (avoiding the presence of dangerous holes).

Pole dancing accessories pole silk for onlyone

Allowing you to use Aerial silks with your pre-equipped OnlyOne™ Pole.

PRICE: € 42,62 + VAT

COMPATIBLE WITH: Onlyone QuickSpin poles with GeckoGrip coating, 45 mm in diameter, Stainless-steel (INOX) poles, 45 mm in diameter, and UltraGrip poles, 51 mm in diameter, only if equipped with a steel pin on the upper plate with a 10-mm horizontal hole.

HOW IT WORKS: insert the screw into the hole on the upper part of the pole and hook the aerial silk in order to fly with a pole and a silk. A mix of dance and acrobatics. You can also use it for stretching, improving splits, and to help you with combination moves.

HOW IT'S MADE: ring made of stainless steel with binding for aerial silk.

Pole dancing accessories pole silk for podium

Allowing you to use silks with your pre-equipped Pole Hive Podium Pole.

PRICE: € 88,52 + VAT

COMPATIBLE WITH: poles for Pole Hive Podiums with GeckoGrip coating, 45 mm in diameter, and with Ultragrip2 coating, 51 mm in diameter.

HOW IT WORKS: remove the cap from the upper part of the Free-standing Pole and insert the pin with the silk, allowing you to fly with a pole and silk, two aerial sports in one. A mix of dance and acrobatics. You can also use it for stretching, improving splits, and to help you with combination moves. A new goal has been reached.

HOW IT'S MADE: it consists of a linchpin with hole 10mm, a ring made of stainless steel with safety system against unscrewing, carabiner and support for aerial silk.

Pole dancing accessories pole&silk adapter

To adapt your non-pre-equipped pole for the Pole&Silk kit.

PRICE: € 52,00 + VAT

COMPATIBLE WITH: 45 mm diameter poles that are not pre-equipped for use with the Pole&Silk Kit, therefore without the steel pin on the upper plate with a 10-mm horizontal hole.

HOW DOES IT WORK: send us your upper pole section not pre-equipped for use with the Pole&Silk Kit and we will send it back to you modified and complete with steel pin with a 10-mm horizontal hole enabling you to use the Pole&Silk Kit (sold separately).

HOW IS IT MADE: modification of the upper section of your pole, and the insertion of the pin with a 10-mm hole enabling the use of the Pole&Silk Kit.

Pole dancing accessories pole rack

For the safe storing of your poles.

PRICE: € 118,10 + VAT

COMPATIBLE WITH: Removable Poles, Freestanding Poles, Flying Poles, Lollipops.

HOW IT WORKS: used to store poles when not in use. It is made up of a section to be fixed to the wall, and a rack which holds up to 6 poles.

HOW IT'S MADE: made in steel, it is characterised by an exclusive CLOSABLE and REMOVABLE system which limits the space occupied on the wall, thus increasing safety. The areas that come into contact with the poles are protected by a rubber border. Fitting is via simple expansion rawlplugs, no maintenance required.

Pole dancing accessories centerpad

A rapid positioning device for removable dance poles.

PRICE: € 6,00 + VAT


HOW IT WORKS: especially useful in case of frequent installations, the CenterPad™ allows you to position your dance pole accurately and quickly, without using specific tools, like a spirit level or a plumb line.

HOW IT'S MADE: the CenterPad™ is made of self-adhering PSD material. It can be attached to the ceiling and/or floor allowing you to reposition your dance pole quickly and easily. What’s more, the surface of the CenterPad™ increases the friction of your dance pole’s base.

Pole dancing accessories pad8

A removable pad designed to avoid damages on wood or other flooring.

PRICE: € 8,20 + VAT

COMPATIBLE WITH: all the OnlyOne™ dance poles.

HOW IT WORKS: perfect to be used in rooms with wood flooring, since this removable pad prevents any possible damage to the floor surface. Additionally, the Pad8™ can be used as a reference point for an accurate dance pole installation.

HOW IT'S MADE: it is made with a special colourless rubber in order to avoid colour bleeding.

Pole dancing accessories polipole liquid

Double effect: getting rid of excessive moisture and providing an extra hold.

PRICE: € 12,21 + VAT

HOW IT WORKS: Polipole Liquid Grip is an innovative technical product developed by pole dancers for professional athletes and sportspeople who wish to improve their grip. A few drops of the product offer a performative efficacy makingthe product a lasting investment.

HOW IT'S MADE: Silicon free, PEG free, preservative free, paraben free, mineral oil free, vegan, made in Italy.

Pole dancing accessories thepole carpet

The foot-warming carpet around your OnlyOne Pole.

PRICE: € 53.30 + VAT

HOW IT WORKS: ideal as a foot warmer around your OnlyOne Pole, to make the figures on the floor more comfortable or not to ruin the floor.

HOW IT'S MADE: the contact zone with the top of the Podium was produced with a 3 mm thick shock-absorbing non-slip materia; the part in contact with the feet is velvety to the touch and soft for the best possible comfort.

Pole dancing accessories counter display

A display in the shape of a Pole Hive Podium, fun and functional, a great gift idea.

PRICE: € 24,51 + VAT

HOW IT WORKS: it can be used anywhere, in the studio, at home or in the office to hold notes, reminders, business cards, shopping lists or anything you want, with the use of simple magnets thanks to the white-painted iron pole (comes with 2 magnets).

Pole dancing accessories thepole cleaner

The ThePoleCleaner is a new and essential highly efficient antibacterial and disinfectant detergent with quaternary ammonium

PRICE: euro 9,75 + VAT

HOW IT WORKS: spray generously onto a microfibre cloth and rub over the surface to be disinfected. No rinsing required.

HOW IT'S MADE: is a new and essential highly efficient antibacterial and disinfectant detergent with quaternary ammonium (an antibacterial agent used against COVID-19) studied by ThePole specifically for Pole Dance and Aerial Acrobatic equipment.

Pole dancing accessories silks cleaner

The first ever cleaning and sanitising product studied for aerial silks and hammocks with quaternary ammonium (an antibacterial agent used against COVID-19)

PRICE: euro 15,57 + VAT

HOW IT WORKS: The product can be used for both hand and machine washing. Concentrated product. Add just five grams per kilo of fabric directly to the fabric softener dispenser for 40° wash cycles. A second rinse cycle may be necessary according to the type of fabric.

HOW IT'S MADE: Antibacterial product with quaternary ammonium for the sanitising of fabrics.

Pole dancing accessories pole tamer

Pole Tamer is ideal for the perfect cleaning of your pole; add the ThePole Cleaner for a complete sanitising action.

PRICE: euro 7,38 + VAT

HOW IT WORKS: By removing undesirable skin residue, Pole Tamer provides an antibacterial effect. To use correctly, pour alcohol or ThePole Cleaner onto the Pole Tamer. Tested on GeckoGrip and INOX (stainless steel), works on all pole finishes.

HOW IT'S MADE: Used in combination with the ThePole Cleaner detergent, the Pole Tamer perfectly sanitises and cleans the pole without leaving any residue and even improves grip. The bottle has a convenient wrist strap, leaving your hands free for climbing. Do not add fabric softener to the wash.

Pole dancing accessories thepole cleaner

The most transportable and fun personal trainer in the world. Keep fit with easy daily exercises, wherever you are!

PRICE: € 29,00 + VAT

HOW IT WORKS: GyroGym™, a fitness tool to train your arms, is ideal for warm up and cool down exercises. You can also use it to improve your other physical activities: fighting preps, walking, cycling, cardio fitness, and dancing. Thanks to its gyroscopic self-adhesive motion, it allows you to strengthen individual fingers as well as the latissimus dorsi muscles.

HOW IT'S MADE: aluminium.

Pole Dance Pole accessories, create your kit

Have fun discovering all the accessories designed to render your experience with ThePole complete, thanks to a wide range of products to personalise your pole according to your needs and raise your training and performance to a new level.
Accessori pali pole dance pali e rastrelliera

Pole dance pole accessories to personalise your ThePole experience

Pole Dance Pole accessories include the Safety Plate, which increases the safety of pressure-installed poles, or the Pole&Silk kit, which allows you to attach the aerial silk to the pole and invent new choreographies. A Pole Dance Pole Rack is also available, an essential feature for gyms that need a place to safely store poles without damaging them when they are not in use.

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