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Internal Sizes (height x width)87 x 97 cm; 92 x 103 cm, 97 x 112 cm

How to use: Suspended and attached with closed belt for lifting loads (not included)

Composition: two pieces with joint

Grip thickness: 30 mm

Available finishes: anti-corrosion treatment, ready to be covered with any taping you like

The first ever divisible hexagon.


euro 277,10 + VAT






This is a Divisible Aerial Hexagon, which, thanks to a coupling, can be inserted into the lower part of the Pole Hive podium pole: this allows for the creation of new choreography.

This is the first lollipop which is DIVISIBLE in two pieces, it is easily assembled and disassembled thanks to the two couplings with screws (the necessary tools are supplied), and is transportable thanks to its compact dimensions. Supplied with a construction system with solderless joints for improved safety.

The Divisible Hexagonal Lollipop is made of steel, with a grip thickness of 30 mm, and is available in three different internal sizes (height x width):

  • 87 x 97 cm
  • 92 x 103 cm
  • 97 x 112 cm

It weighs around 6.50 kg.

It comes supplied with anti-corrosion treatment, ready to be covered with any kind of taping. Taping allows for the variation of the diameter as desired and for the modification of the grip and comfort.

It is not compatible with 40 mm diameter poles, with the Ultragrip2 45 mm diameter pole and stainless steel poles.


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