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Aerial pole diameter: 45 mm

Height: customized, max. 280 cm

Application: Spinning & Flying

Material: mirror-polished 100% stainless steel


€ 548,26 + VAT






Whirlpole The Base INOX are aerial poles for pole dance equipped with a double security rope and a bottom sphere, which, if inserted into a special platform called TheBase (included), allows performing various choreographic evolutions on the pole inclined at approx. 45°. 

The space required will vary depending on the inclination. Please take into consideration that the minimum radius should correspond to ¾ of the pole’s height. The floor platform called TheBase is a 5-mm thick stainless steel plate, which allows you to use your Whirlpole as a regular spinning dance pole attached to the floor.

The platform’s socket is made of special material with very low coefficient of friction, whereas its surface remaining in contact with the floor is covered with a high-friction rubber finish that ensures its stability and prevents slipping when in use. (Attention: make sure that the platform’s surface in contact with the floor is free of dirt and dust, which may reduce the grip and cause slipping)

The assembly of the Whirlpole aerial poles consists in fixing the included rope to the ceiling using special ultra-safe supports and inserting the pole’s end sphere into the base, which will allow its rotation.

The Whirlpole aerial poles, made entirely of mirror-polished stainless steel, are available in ø 45 mm.

Already used by the best performers worldwide, thanks to their extraordinary features and high-quality materials implemented, these aerial poles for pole dance and pole fitness guarantee supreme durability and reliability.

If you wish to use your Whirlpole TheBase INOX as a flying pole (Flying Pole), especially if at high altitudes, we recommend you to use the special rubber UltraGrip2™ coating, which will guarantee a better grip for your arms and legs, and in consequence a greater security.



The grip of stainless steel aerial poles is somewhere in between the traditional chrome-plated poles for pole dance and those with the GeckoGrip™ lacquering. They are perfect for the performers preparing to shows and all those who frequently use the drop technique during their pole dance performances.

These mirror-polished aerial poles are beautiful to look at and safe to use. Since they are made entirely of certified stainless steel, there is no risk that the coating peels off becoming sharp and dangerous. Please be informed that unlike the GeckoGrip™ dance poles, the stainless steel aerial poles, along with the chrome-plated dance poles, contain nickel. Therefore, we suggest you to check personal allergies before use. The poles’ bottom bases and their top domes, as well as their central junctions are made of aeronautic steel.


Spinning Pole & Flying Pole


Whirlpole The Base INOX are two-in-one aerial poles: they can be used as spinning & inclined pole dancing poles, as well as flying poles for pole dance and aerial fitness. To change your pole’s nature, it is enough to shorten the support rope and lift the pole.

If you wish to use your Whirlpole TheBase INOX as a flying pole (Swinging Pole), especially if at high altitudes, we recommend you to use the special rubber UltraGrip2™ coating (see: Whirpole UltraGrip2™), which will guarantee a better grip for your arms and legs, and consequently a greater security.



The Whirlpole The Base INOX aerial poles consist of two parts: this feature allows you to remove the upper part of your pole and replace it with a shorter segment (available as a supplementary accessory) in order to install it easily in locations with different ceiling heights. What’s more, being divisible, these aerial poles are also easy to transport, even in your car.

The installation is quick and easy. All you have to do is to fix your aerial pole to the ceiling using a special support rope and insert the pole’s end sphere into The Base. The Whirlpole The Base INOX aerial poles are compatible with the Albatros component: a steel plate that is designed to be easily fixed to the ceiling with the use of wall plugs and screws. This component allows to safe your space, as well as the cost of a traditional swivel, and you can fix supplementary accessories directly to the safety ring provided.



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