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Aerial pole diameter: 45 mm or 51 mm

Height: customized, 300 cm (2x150 cm)

Application: Spinning & Flying

Available finishes: matte grey or matte black with a special UltraGrip2™ coating


€ 630,33 + VAT






Whirlpole The Base UltraGrip2™ are aerial spinning poles for pole dance equipped with a double security rope and a sphere installed at the bottom, which, if inserted into a special platform called TheBase (included), allows performing various choreographic evolutions on the pole inclined at approx. 45°.

The space required will vary depending on the inclination. Please take into consideration that the minimum radius should correspond to ¾ of the pole’s height.

The Whirlpole pole - The Base UltraGrip2™ is made up of two 150 cm-long pole sections, the central joint for rope passage and lower and upper terminals, all created in anodised aeronautical aluminium.

Thanks to their special coating, the Whirlpole TheBase UltraGrip2™ aerial spinning poles for pole dance can be used also as flying poles (Flying Poles).

The floor platform called TheBase is a 5-mm thick stainless steel plate, which allows you to use your Whirlpole as a regular spinning dance pole attached to the floor. The platform’s socket is made of special material with very low coefficient of friction, whereas its surface remaining in contact with the floor is covered with a high-friction rubber finish that ensures its stability and prevents slipping when in use. (Attention: make sure that the platform’s surface in contact with the floor is free of dirt and dust, which may reduce the grip and cause slipping)

The assembly of the Whirlpole aerial spinning poles consists in fixing the included rope to the ceiling using special ultra-safe supports and inserting the pole’s end sphere into the base, which will allow its rotation.

The Whirlpole TheBase UltraGrip2™ aerial spinning poles are available in ø 45 mm and ø 51 mm. The poles are covered entirely with a special matt grey or matte black UltraGrip2™ finish (due to its composition, the black colour may stain clothes), which ensures a comfortable and easy use of the pole while wearing stage costumes, and guarantees an excellent grip in any conditions.

Please keep in mind that the Whirlpole TheBase UltraGrip2™ aerial spinning poles Ø45mm are designed to be used by only one person at a time. Already used by the best performers worldwide, thanks to their extraordinary features and high-quality components, these aerial spinning poles for pole dance and pole fitness guarantee supreme durability and reliability. 

UltraGrip2™ Coating


The UltraGrip2™ aerial spinning poles for pole dance and pole fitness boast a considerably superior grip than any other dance poles can offer. Invincible when you use stage costumes or pole dance apparel, the UltraGrip2™ spinning poles guarantee an extraordinary grip in any conditions.

In fact, this exceptional grip ensures supreme adhesion even to fabrics. The UltraGrip2™ special manufacturing process guarantees the coating’s durability and reliability incomparable to other similar dance pole finishes.

Spinning Pole & Flying Pole


Whirlpole The Base UltraGrip2™ are two-in-one aerial spinning poles: they can be used as spinning & inclined pole dancing poles, as well as flying poles for pole dance and aerial fitness. To change your pole’s nature, it is enough to shorten the support rope and lift the pole.

Thanks to their special coating, the Whirlpole The Base UltraGrip2™ aerial spinning poles are especially recommended to be used as flying poles (see: Swinging Pole).



The Whirlpole TheBase UltraGrip2™ aerial spinning poles consist of two parts: this feature allows you to remove and replace the upper part of your dance pole in order to adapt it to locations with different ceiling heights. What’s more, being divisible, these aerial spinning poles are also easy to transport, even in your car.

The installation is quick and easy. All you have to do is to fix your aerial pole to the ceiling using a special support rope and insert the pole’s end sphere into The Base.

The Whirlpole TheBase UltraGrip2™ aerial spinning poles are compatible with the Albatros component: a steel plate that is designed to be easily fixed to the ceiling with the use of wall plugs and screws. This component allows to safe your space, as well as the cost of a traditional swivel, and you can fix supplementary accessories directly to the safety ring provided.



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