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OnlyOne™ Static SSH
Removable Pole Dance Pole

OnlyOne Static SSH
€ 315,00 tax inc.
suitable for strength training, static workout, calisthenics, freestyle and other workout disciplines
customized, max. 320 cm
40 mm o 45 mm


The OnlyOne Static SSH pole dance pole designed and created by The Pole is easy to install, safe to practice on and beautiful to look at.

The assembly of this pole dance pole is based on a very simple pressure system.

The OnlyOne pole dance pole can reach 3.2 metres in height with just once joint: this characteristic offers various structural advantages and allows for rapid fitting as well as transport, as it is easily dismantled.

Pole Dance Pole

The height of this pole dance pole is customizable and can reach up to 320 cm. The lower part is 200-cm long, whereas the upper part can be easily replaced with another segment of different length in order to adjust the pole dance pole to different locations.

The OnlyOne™ Static SSH pole dance pole is available in ø 40 mm and ø 45 mm, in bright white and glossy-black colour versions, with a special GeckoGrip™ lacquering. 

Thanks to its extraordinary features and high-quality materials used, this pole dance pole guarantees supreme durability and reliability.

Pole Dance Pole geckogrip

GeckoGrip™ Lacquering

The OnlyOne Static SSH pole dance pole is available in two colours: bright white and glossy-black with a special GeckoGrip™ lacquering. The manufacturing process consists in covering the specially prepared steel tubular elements with plastic molecules that grant the pole dance pole extraordinary features.

NICKEL-FREE: being nickel-free, this pole dance pole is recommended for all pole dance performers, as well as for gyms and fitness clubs to guarantee extreme safety to proper clients.

EXCEPTIONAL GRIP: thanks to its special micro-fusion formula, this pole dance pole guarantees a truly exceptional grip that reduces the fatigue of the adductor muscles as well as hand and thumb tendons.

SAFE TO USE: should the GeckoGrip coating acquire small cuts or marks with time, it will never become dangerous to your skin, unlike the classic chrome coating, which can peel off and hurt you.

Pole Dance Pole advantages


The OnlyOne Static SSH pole dance pole consists of two parts: this feature allows you to remove and replace the upper part in order to install your dance pole in locations with different ceiling heights. What’s more, being divisible, this pole dance pole is also easy to transport, even in your small city car.

The assembly of this pole dance pole is quick and easy with a simple pressure system placed at the bottom of the structure. Therefore, there is no need to use special tools or ladders.

The OnlyOne Static SSH pole dance pole is compatible with the SafetyPlate™ component, which makes it even more safe to use and quicker to install, whereas the compatibility with the Pad8™ component guarantees superior adherence to the floor and prevents slipping.

The OnlyOne Static SSH pole dance pole boasts also an exceptional quality/price rapport.

Pole Dance Pole advantage



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