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Photo Pole Art 2016

Photo pole art italy 2016 day 1
Photo pole art italy 2016 day 2
Photo pole art italy 2016 young elite
Photo pole art italy man elite
Photo pole art italy 2016 double elite
Photo pole art italy 2016 master
photo pole art italy 2016 women
Photo pole art italy 2016 awards
Watch all the photos of the international Pole Art Italy 2016 pole dancing competition, which engaged the world’s greatest pole athletes, artists, pole acrobats and pole dancers of all the categories.

In this photo gallery, you will find all the professional pole dance photos taken during the two-day pole dancing competition. The first day was dedicated to the Junior, Amateur (Men, Women and Couples), and SemiPro (Men, Women and Couples) Categories, whereas during the second day of the competition, we witnessed the performances of the world’s greatest pole dance artists competing in the Young, Men, Women, Couples and Master Categories.

The members of the jury: Natasha Wang, Alessandra Marchetti, Mariana Baum, Silvia Bignoni, Barbara Palmaffy, Elena Gibson, and Phoenix Kazree, the winner of the Pole Art Italy 2015 pole dancing competition in the Women Category.
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