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Aerial Disciplines

On this page, you can find all the products and accessories designed for aerial disciplines, for an all-round experience. ThePole offers you a wide range of aerial equipment that will accompany you in training sessions and in your performances. With these innovative products, you will be able to create new choreographies.
Pole fitness flying pole
Fix your dance pole to the ceiling and invent new choreographies.
Pole fitness whirlpole
Transform your Flying Pole into a spinning & inclined dance pole.
Pole fitness aerial silks
Certified unidirectional aerial silks, perfect for aerial and pole fitness.
Pole fitness aerial hoops
For any kind of aerial choreographies, available in different sizes.
Pole fitness aerial hexagon
The first aerial hexagon divisible in two sections, easy to transport.
Pole fitness accessories
ThePole offers a wide range of accessories for aerial disciplines.
pole fitness clothing
For all types of aerial choreography, in different sizes.
pole fitness clothing


Our equipment for aerial disciplines is 100% Made in Italy, and is checked at every stage of production, guaranteeing attention to detail, the choice of high-quality materials, and prompt customer service.

Our line of equipment for aerial disciplines offers you a series of solutions, suitable for any use, from training at home to use in a sports centre, a gym or in circuses as well as TV and theatre shows. Choose the product most suited to your needs.

Pole fitness


Every day, ThePole collaborates with artists all over the world in order to design products with solutions that respond to the needs of the user. Discover the innovative aerial equipment made with the best-quality materials, such as the Whirlpole (inclined, rotating and also flying pole) or the Aerial Hexagon.
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