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Accessories for aerial disciplines and aerial pole dancing

Personalise and improve your experience with ThePole accessories for aerial disciplines.
Aerial pole dance albatros

Plate for ceiling with integrate swivel to install your aerial equipment.

COMPATIBLE WITH: all aerial products.

HOW IT WORKS: fasten your aerial pole dancing products completely safely, all whilst saving precious space. The steel plate must be fitted to the ceiling with rawl plugs (not included) and is used to connect equipment for aerial disciplines (for example rings and silks), as it already has the swivel system incorporated.

HOW IT'S MADE: it comprises a 250x250 mm steel plate (4 mm thick), fire varnished to a light grey, 4 Ø14 mm fixture holes, a 190 mm wheelbase, stainless steel eyelet and 20 mm light. NET WEIGHT 2.3 kg, WEIGHT LIMIT 350 kg.

aerial pole dance Attachment for IPE180

Plate for IPE180 beams with integrate swivel to install your aerial equipment.


HOW IT WORKS: the attachment clamps to the beam by simply tightening the screws and plates provided. It is supplied with incorporated swivel motion which allows it to rotate, thus preventing the rope from twisting, and allows precious space to be saved as accessories can be attached directly to the safety ring provided.

HOW IT'S MADE: made of aeronautical aluminium with incorporated swivel motion, fixing screws and plates included.

Aerial silk hook pole dance

Hook for fixing aerial silks.


HOW IT WORKS: the Hook allows you to tie your silk and then hook it to the ceiling, without damaging it. With a single carabiner (not included), the Hook connects to the Albatros Plate with incorporated swivel. If you don’t have the Albatros Plate, you will need a hook + carabiner + swivel system + second carabiner to connect the silk to the ceiling

HOW IT'S MADE: hook features a silicone-coated stainless steel core with no welding or exposed metal parts

Hand Loop

Certified Hand Loop for aerial equipment.

HOW IT WORKS: the hand loop can be used with the Aerial Hoop or the Aerial Hexagon, with the Flying Pole and also with the WhirlPole. It is available with or without the integrated swivel, the integration of the swivel is very comfortable and gives the possibility to turn on oneself without twisting the belt.
HOW IT'S MADE: 100% polyester, the strap is 45 cm (17,7165") long, without the swivel, and 55 cm (21,6535") with the swivel. Maximum Hand Loop Load (WLL): 2000 KG. Breaking strength of the swivel 30 kN. Equipped with CE mark.

Aerial pole dance webbing lanyard

Certified anchoring strip for aerial equipment.

HOW IT WORKS: the webbing is available with a length of 100 cm or 60 cm (black color) or 180 cm (green color) and can be used to attach products for aerial disciplines such as Aerial Rings, Aerial Hexagons, Flying Poles and WhirlPoles. 

HOW IT'S MADE: It is produced with a 27-mm tubular polyester strip. It is not equipped with an energy absorber and therefore cannot be used as a fall arrestor. With CE label including individual serial number.

Anchor strap for aerial equipment

Certified anchor strap for aerial equipment.

HOW IT WORKS: Length of closed strap: 200 cm (78,7402 inches). Working load (WLL): 20kN-16kN. 

HOW IT'S MADE: 27 mm polyester tubular webbing, black colour. 100% Made in Italy.

Aerial pole dance flying pole kit

Transform your Podium Pole into a Flying Pole.

COMPATIBLE WITH: 45 mm and 51 mm diameter poles for Pole Hive Podiums with UltraGrip coating, for increased grip safety even at extreme heights.

HOW IT WORKS: this kit includes the accessories needed to transform the Pole Hive Podium Pole into a Flying Pole.

HOW IT'S MADE: the kit comprises a double pulley system and a central fixture made of aeronautical aluminium to put the cable through, a bumper-clad base made of aeronautical aluminium that holds the cables, and an upper part made of plastic that guides the cables so that they move effortlessly.

Aerial pole dance whirlpole kit platform pole hive

Transform your Podium Pole into a WhirlPole.

COMPATIBLE WITH: Pole Hive podium.

HOW IT WORKS: this kit allows you to transform the pole of your podium into a WhirlPole – a tilted spinning pole – using the podium as a support base, as well as into a Flying Pole.

HOW IT'S MADE: the kit comprises a double ropes system (that needs to be attached to the ceiling and run through the inside of the pole), a new central fixture to put the cable through, the WhirlPole ball point (a ball that you attach underneath the podium pole) and the WhirlPole podium adaptor: a coupling to insert into the platform’s centre of balance on which to place the pole’s ball that allows it to rotate.

Aerial pole dance whirlpole kit flying pole

Transform your Flying Pole into a WhirlPole.

COMPATIBLE WITH: UltraGrip Flying Pole.

HOW IT WORKS: this kit allows you to transform your Flying Pole into a WhirlPole (inclined and rotating pole), even during the same performance.

HOW IT'S MADE: the kit comprises the WhirlPole ball point: a spherical tip that replaces the flying pole’s tip, and the self-securing TheBase. The part of the base in contact with the floor features high-friction rubber, stopping it from slipping while in use. There is no need to drill into the floor.

Aerial pole dance counter display

A display in the shape of a Pole Hive Podium, fun and functional, a great gift idea.

HOW IT WORKS: it can be used anywhere, in the studio, at home or in the office to hold notes, reminders, business cards, shopping lists or anything you want, with the use of simple magnets thanks to the white-painted iron pole (comes with 2 magnets).

Pole dancing accessories silks cleaner

The first ever cleaning and sanitising product studied for aerial silks and hammocks with quaternary ammonium (an antibacterial agent used against COVID-19)

HOW IT WORKS: The product can be used for both hand and machine washing. Concentrated product. Add just five grams per kilo of fabric directly to the fabric softener dispenser for 40° wash cycles. A second rinse cycle may be necessary according to the type of fabric.

HOW IT'S MADE: Antibacterial product with quaternary ammonium for the sanitising of fabrics.

Pole dancing accessories cotton tape

The Aerial Hoop Tape is an essential non-slip accessory for anyone wishing to practice aerial hoop acrobatics.

HOW IT WORKS: Clean the surface of the aerial hoop to ensure proper adhesion; if you use a liquid cleaner for this operation, remember to thoroughly dry the entire treated surface before proceeding. At this point, unroll the tape and begin applying it, starting from the bottom of the hoop and working your way to the top. During this process, remember to apply the Aerial Hoop Tape in a spiral motion.

HOW IT'S MADE: It is 5 meters long and 50 mm wide, made of stretch cotton, and consists of 95% cotton and 5% elastane.


ThePole aerial discipline accessories are made with the best materials, 100% Made in Italy. The products for aerial disciplines provide you with what you need to improve your experience with ThePole. You can find the accessories you need to attach your aerial equipment to the ceiling, saving precious space, or to attach aerial silks without damaging them. Discover the kits specially designed to transform ThePole products and render them multi-functional, allowing you to choose and change, making the most of your investment.
Aerial pole dance Accessories


The accessories for aerial disciplines are compatible with ThePole brand products. Verify compatibility before buying, read the characteristics and, if you need any help, our support department is always available, because you deserve the best, from the products themselves, to pre- and post-sales service, ThePole is here for you.
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