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Aerial Silk

This page shows all of the types of AERIAL SILK, both stiffer (less elastic), and softer (more elastic).

Rigid Aerial Silks
Aerial silk for aerial acrobatics.
Soft Aerial Silks
Aerial silk for aerial acrobatics and pole&silk.


ThePole proposes two types of certified polyester silks for aerial disciplines to satisfy all requirements. Both are 160 cm wide, the fabric is pleasant to touch and suitable for use. The aerial silks are available in a range of colours: explore them all to render your hall special and your show unforgettable. The Rigid Play Juggling Aerial Silk is ideal for aerial acrobatics, and for those used to using the relatively stiff classic aerial silk. The Soft Aerial Silk is ideal for both Pole&Silk disciplines, or rather the use of aerial silks with Pole Dance poles, as well as for aerial acrobatics for those who prefer to use a more elastic aerial silk.
Aerial Silks
ThePole offers you the most innovative products for aerial disciplines: from the Whirlpole (an inclined ad rotating pole) to the brand-new Aerial Hexagon and the highly popular Flying Pole, a flying pole with the UltraGrip2 coating, popular all around the world. There is a multitude of products waiting to be discovered. As always, all the ThePole products are 100% Made in Italy from the best materials.
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