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Flying Pole

The Flying Pole by ThePole is a professional suspended flying pole ideal for use in gyms as well as in theatres and circuses.
Already the appreciated choice of many athletes and performers worldwide due to its unbeatable UltraGrip coating, it is also available in a portable version.
Swinging poles Flying pole
Easy to attach and safe to use, the flying pole will let you experience totally new pole dance emotions.
Swinging poles portable flying pole
A flying pole (suspended), innovative because it has been designed for those who travel.
ThePole offers two different models of the Flying Pole in order to satisfy all requirements: the Flying Pole made up of 2 pole parts of a length of 150 cm each, and the brand-new and innovative Portable Flying Pole, composed of 4 connectible pole parts, each 75 cm in length, ideal for those who travel and transportable by plane as it only weighs approximately 14 kg.



The ThePole brand Flying Pole is available with the UltraGrip coating that, thanks to the manufacturing process used, guarantees unbeatable durability and reliability for the coating, compared to other poles with applied coatings. It in fact stands out for the exclusive layering process applied directly to the metal, thus preventing slipping.
A grip that is significantly superior to any other pole improves safety during use. Unbeatable for those who need to use stage costumes, or to perform pole dances with clothing, it guarantees excellent grip in all conditions.
The Flying Pole is available in two colours, matte light grey or matte black, and in two diameters, 45 mm or 51 mm.
Swinging poles Flying pole in use


The ThePole Flying Pole has been designed and manufactured to ensure the utmost reliability of the product during use.
The UltraGrip coating guarantees exceptional grip, is 3 mm thick and is soft to the touch.
These characteristics mean that it provides safe grip even at extreme heights.
The internal joint allows the double safety cord to run for the entire length of the pole, and both ends are in anodised aerospace aluminium, guaranteeing the best quality materials used to make this product.
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