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Portable Flying Pole
The innovative flying pole for aerial pole dancing

Portable Flying Pole
Suitable for shows, professional use, gyms
customized, max. 300 cm; four pole sections of 75 cm each
45 mm
 matte grey with a special UltraGrip2™ coating

Portable Flying Pole
allowing you to always have your flying pole wherever you go

The PORTABLE Flying Pole UltraGrip2™ is a detachable pole (suspended), INNOVATIVE because it has been designed for those who travel.

Thanks to its weight of about 14 kg and reduced dimensions (4 sections of 75 cm each), it is able to fit into your luggage and follow you anywhere!


The PORTABLE Flying Pole UltraGrip2™ is made up of:
four pole sections of 75 cm each
three central junctions for the cable passage
upper and lower terminal parts, all made of anodised aeronautical aluminium

It is equipped with a double cable passing that guarantees maximum safety.

By adding a supplementary base (see Whirlpole Kit for Swinging Pole UltraGrip2™)this flying pole can be easily transformed into a Whirlpole TheBase UltraGrip2™.

Portable Flying Pole

This 45 mm thick flying pole is entirely covered with the UltraGrip2™ coating - a special natural rubber finish, much more resistant than the commonly used silicone or neoprene. Its implementation allows a comfortable and easy use of the flying pole while wearing stage costumes and guarantees an excellent grip in any position.

UltraGrip2™ is light grey, 3-mm thick material, which appears soft to touch.

Being a flying pole, Portable Flying Pole UltraGrip2™ needs to be fixed to the ceiling with a special support rope (see Albatros).



The Portable Flying Pole UltraGrip2™ dynamics is conditioned by the length of the rope. The higher is the ceiling, the more harmonious and slow the movement will result. If the height of your ceiling is smaller, the oscillation will appear more frequent.

Chosen by the best performers worldwide, thanks to its characteristics and the best components used, our Portable Flying Pole UltraGrip2™ is undoubtedly the most solid and long-lasting product of its kind.

Portable Flying Pole

UltraGrip2™ Coating

Portable Flying Pole UltraGrip2™ boasts a considerably superior grip than any other dance pole can offer.
Invincible when you use stage costumes or pole dance apparel, this flying pole guarantees an extraordinary grip in any conditions.
The very special thick rubber coating of this flying pole guarantees superb adhesion to fabrics, remaining at the same time soft to touch for your hands, arms and legs.


The UltraGrip2 coating of the Portable Flying Pole is available in either matte light grey or matte black, and for a diameter of 45 mm. (Due to its composition, the black pole may stain light-coloured clothing).


The UltraGrip2™ special manufacturing process guarantees the coating’s durability and reliability incomparable to other similar dance pole finishes.

The pole with UltraGrip2 coating stands out for its exclusive layering process applied directly to the metal, which prevents slipping.

Portable Flying Pole

Suspended Flying Pole

Easy to attach and safe to use, this flying pole will let you experience totally new pole dance emotions.

The Portable Flying Pole UltraGrip2™, also known as the flying pole, is a suspended dance pole attached with a special rope to a rotating mechanical system that allows both oscillation and rotation of the pole. Especially designed for pole dance and aerial acrobatics performers ready to cross the limits and experience new dynamic and sensational emotions. With this flying pole, you will be able to create spectacular performances trying new dynamic choreographies.

Portable Flying Pole


The Portable Flying Pole UltraGrip2™ is made up of 4 sections, each 75 cm in length and weighing around just 14 kg; this allows you to easily take it in your luggage and bring it with you everywhere.

The installation is quick and easy. All you have to do is to fix your flying pole to the ceiling using a special support rope.

The Portable Flying Pole UltraGrip2™ is compatible with the Albatros component: a steel plate that is designed to be easily fixed to the ceiling with the use of wall plugs and screws. This component allows to safe your space, and the cost of a traditional swivel. What’s more, you can fix supplementary accessories directly to the safety ring provided.

The Portable Flying Pole UltraGrip2™ can be easily transformed into the Whirlpole The Base UltraGrip2™ dance pole by simply adding one supplementary component (see Whirlpole Kit for Flying Pole UltraGrip2™).



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