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Pole-dance podium with bamboo top

Pole Hive Ecochic
Suitable for professional use, workouts, performances, strength training
GeckoGrip, UltraGrip, Inox (100% stainless steel)
40 mm, 45 mm or 51 mm
made to measure, maximum 300 cm, divisible (2 pieces of 150 cm in length)
static + spinning with QuickSpin system
with S or L legs

Pole Hive Podium Presentation


The Ecochic Pole Hive professional pole-dance podium is a free-standing system that allows pole dancing to be practised without needing to be anchored to the ceiling, meaning that the discipline can be practised in venues with very high or plasterboard ceilings, or even outdoors.

The Ecochic Pole Hive Podium is a Podium from the Collection series, characterised by extraordinary tops. The top of this podium, made entirely from bamboo, is the result of a collaboration between ThePole and LG Lesmo, an Italian company specialised in the processing of wood and the creation of personalised furnishings. A Made-in-Italy partnership of the highest level and a guarantee of elevated professional quality.

With the "One Ecochic, one tree" programme, a tree will be planted for every Ecochic Pole Hive Podium sold.

You can choose the free standing pole with the coating, colour and diameter that you prefer. 

The poles are all interchangeable and all fitted with the original QuickSpin System.


Pedana pole dance professionale


The Ecochic Pole Hive Podium has an exclusive top, made in collaboration with LG Lesmo, a leading company specialised in the processing of wood and in the production of personalised and made-to-measure furnishings, a guarantee of quality craftsmanship and materials.

The top of the Ecochic Pole Hive Podium is an elegant and ecological choice, and is made entirely from bamboo. Bamboo is a plant that captures a large quantity of carbon dioxide, produces considerable amounts of oxygen, and grows to a maximum of 1 m in depth without rooting, which means that it does not cause soil erosion.

The top of the Ecochic podium has been designed with the use of only genuine certified bamboo, selected by LG Lesmo experts and processed to guarantee high performance. This is why Ecochic is synonymous with flexibility, resistance to changes in temperature and to wear, and is capable of absorbing shocks and resisting impact.


The Ecochic Pole Hive Podium is fitted with the original QuickSpin system, the first system, designed by ThePole, that allows you to switch from spinning to static pole and vice versa with just one click, even with your feet and in the midst of a performance, without the use of keys or other tools and with the utmost safety.

QuickSpin can also be locked into the spin or static position.

The use of high-quality materials renders the spin ultra-smooth.

Pedana pole dance professionale finitura geckogrip

Choose the coating and the diameter of your Ecochic Podium pole

You can configure your Ecochic Pole Hive Podium with the pole best suited to your needs:  

Poles with the GeckoGrip coating: the most versatile solution, allowing for prolonged training sessions thanks to the excellent grip that guarantees minimal effort. Already used with success in international competitions, they are available in two colours, black and white, and in two diameters, 40 mm or 45 mm. Free-standing poles with GeckoGrip coating are allergy free and nickel free. Also particularly suitable for the fitting out of gyms, thanks to their versatile characteristics.

INOX poles (100% stainless steel): have a grip that is mid-way between standard chrome poles and GeckoGrip poles. Available with a diameter of 45 mm, they are ideal for those preparing for performances and competitions, as well as for those used to carrying out frequent drops. Polished to a mirror finish, they are attractive and safe to use; made entirely in certified stainless steel, there is no risk of the material deteriorating or flaking and therefore causing cuts. Similarly to chrome poles but unlike GeckoGrip poles, stainless steel poles contain nickel, and it is therefore important to check personal compatibility.

Poles with UltraGrip: coating are commonly referred to as rubberised poles, and have a significantly better grip than any other pole. Unbeatable for those who need to use stage costumes, or to perform pole dances with clothing. The exceptional grip guarantees excellent adhesion, even to fabrics. The production process guarantees incomparable duration and reliability for the UltraGrip coating compared to other sheathed poles (for example with silicone). They are available with a diameter of either 45 or 51 mm, and come in two colours; light grey or black.

The maximum pole length is 3 metres, and they come in two 150-cm sections. If the podium is used in a room, just indicate the height of the ceiling on the shop web page and the pole will be cut to measure. It is also possible to change the length of the pole by simply substituting the upper section, thanks to the spare parts for free-standing poles.

Pedana pole dance professionale montaggio veloce

Easy to assemble, light to transport

The Ecochic Pole Hive Podium has been studied to also be compatible with micro cars and air transportation, which is why it is made of only three fundamental parts:


with the S feet: weighs approximately 14 kg (h 80 cm x L 30 cm when closed).
with the L feet: weighs approximately 19 kg (h 120 cm x L 30 cm when closed)


composed of 6 triangular wooden elements weighing approximately 20 kg (each triangle is 96 cm x 96 cm x 96 cm x h 7 cm).


interchangeable, weighing approximately 13 kg, divisible in two parts.

Dedicated sacks are included to facilitate transportation.

Assembly is quick, simple and intuitive, complete in just 3 steps:

  1. open the folding structure and tighten the safety screws
  2. place the wooden triangles and fix them in place with the dedicated ring nut
  3. insert the pole into the hole in the centre of the podium
Pedana pole dance professionale montaggio veloce
Pedana pole dance professionale spostamento facile

The revolutionary multi-functional podium

With the extraordinary accessories, you can transform the pole for your Ecochic Pole Hive Podium into
Hexagonal Lollipop
WhirlPole (inclined and rotating pole)
FlyingPole attaching silks for Pole&Silk disciplines.

Always check compatibility of the accessory with the chosen pole.

Thanks to its characteristics and to the materials used, the pole dance pole combined with the ThePole podium guarantees utmost reliability and long-lasting performance.
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